Categories/Subcategories and Forum Structure


I think every department can be a category. Now inside that category - the department folks can decide on the sub categories & tags. For example -


  • Cowork Platform
    [Feature request], [Feedback], [General Discussion], [Boosters], [Bookings], [Reports]
  • Events Platform

Live example - I like how has organized the forum with a similar approach.


Hey @aseem, I feel that having categories defined on use cases such as feedback, idea board etc will be more useful than departments because not all departments will have stuff to say very frequently.

This might lead to a scenario where we have 10 categories yet only 4 of them are frequently used. And this might make the board cluttered. I thought using department tags was a more natural way as people can just go to say Feedback and filter departments by tags.

Secondly, as @anand pointed out in the initial meeting, maybe we can start without any categories at all or maybe a single category such as water cooler and then figure out what patterns emerge.

Let me know what you think!


Usually forums can be classified into two broad categories -

Unique - They are unique to some purpose - example Airtable, Discourse - here categories are ‘Verbs’ like Bugs, Feature Requests, Issues, Feedback - Since forum has one purpose.

Multi Purpose - These are multi topic - not one purpose - example, boing-boing, etc. Here verbs are not suited as primary category. But they are sub-category.

Example -

Mobile App is category and features-feedback is subcategory.

I feel our forum falls in multi-purpose category so we should use well defined categories with verbs as subcategory.