Cowork Platform - Lock-In & Enterprise Discounts (Wireframes)



01 Creation of discount packages by super administrators

There are five variables at play -

  1. Team Size - package is only available to teams of this size.
  2. Lock-In - Time Commitment
  3. Discount % - % Discount that will be applied to every invoice (day pass and meeting rooms are excluded from this discount).
  4. Cap % - A upper limit on price increase for next 2-3 years. This field is only applicable where lock-in > 1 year.
  5. Security Deposit

Note -

Packages are not hub specific. This is done on similar lines as large discounts. Creating hub level packages would just lead into creation of arbitrary packages for individual use cases.

For team specific cases, these variables can be changed by super-admins. This is described below.

02 Applying packages to teams

When no discount package is applied to a team, a list of all packages will be displayed. CM’s can only apply existing packages. Super Admins have an option to create a new customized package for that team.

Once a package is applied, the interface will change to -

CM’s can only remove and apply a new package. Super Administrators can update any discounts for that team.