Everyone Has A Slice Of Expertise, You Need To Get Them To Share It


I received this from Amazon recently.

Do you notice how clever this is? Everyone that has bought the product now has expertise.

By sending out messages (to presumably random customers) to see if they can help answer the question, they’re soliciting a remarkable amount of engagement.

Better, they force you to choose between answering the question or admitting you don’t know.

Too often we focus on high-level expertise and forget that most questions are at the beginner level. Anyone who has recently gone through a similar experience can answer them, you don’t need experts for this.

You just need to give people a small nudge to make them feel their contributions could be useful.


Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. And with that you also have an army of ‘experts’ created that crowd source this job for free.


Yeah, i’ve answered a few lately.